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Founded by a PhD in Polymer Chemistry.
This website was born out of the need expressed by companies of all sizes, for qualified resources (consultants, test facilities and personnel and multimedia exposure) in the field of packaging. In particular, we are dedicated to helping startup companies, by providing them key resources needed for them to succeed.

We have partnered with Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni of KoolEarth Solutions who has made, and continues to make, a significant impact in the world of sustainable packaging. This website leverages Dr. Kulkarni’s extensive network of contacts and connections, as a result of his 20+ years in the field of packaging and education. Let us help you advance your business by connecting you to the right people and resources with a strong and established reputation. We currently have over 100 recognized consultants and services (and growing) in our database. Our database is global, so no matter where in the world you need a consultant/resource, we can help.

We have made the process extremely simple and you will have our personal commitment and assistance in finding the right resources for your needs. This is a website with a human touch! The intent of this website is to make this world a better place, a cause that is very close to our hearts.

Deepaa Kulkarni

Entrepreneur and Founder KoolEarth Konnections, Inc.

Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni

Founder and President, KoolEarth Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Kulkarni is a passionate sustainable packaging professional with experience in all aspects of sustainable packaging and materials (plastics, paper, metal). He brings extensive knowledge of sustainable materials, sustainability goal setting, Life Cycle Assessment, metrics and EPR regulations. As an expert in new product and process development as well as technical marketing and sales, he has a proven track record of successfully driving new product development and commercialization. Over the past year he has successfully consulted with, and continues to work with, major brands such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Wendy’s and Avon.

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